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5 Body Shapes for women. Which one is you ?

Yes I know, there are a tons of articles like this on the web. But there are still some people who dont understand them properly. Hopefully this would help..!

So here it goes,
Basically there are 5 body types for women. Namely: Strawberry, Banana, Apple, Pear and Hourglass.

Now, we would go in an alphabatical order.

1) Apple : The women with the apple shaped body normally have slim legs and thighs where as there bust and abdomen fall out of proportion as compared to the rest of the body. It is caused because your body tends to store fat in the mid section of your body. It is very important for the apple shaped women to watch out their weight. For the people who are already over weight no need to be depressed just follow some simple instructions. (i) Avoid core work (ii) Focus on HIGH intensity full body circuits, and (iii) NO REST.
Do 10 minutes Skipping DAILY..

Clothing Styles appropriate for Apple shape :
Now, I cannot emphasis on this enough ladies, allways and allways wear Figure Lengthning clothes. Like  Kness length dresses. Plus you have to distract people from the roundness of your torso, so wear deep V neck tuniques, blouses with Asymmetrical bottoms, and wrap aroung sweaters. Ans because you dont have a well defined waist line, wear small belts on dresses for an illusion but Remeber DO NOT wear big chunky belts on jeans as it will make you look more bulky on your waist.

Famous Celebrities with Apple shaped body :

Some famous celebrities who have apple shaped body are Jennifer Hudson, Catherine Zeta jones, Angelina Jolie, Rosie o`Donnel. As you can see in the picture below. Drew barrymore and Tyra banks are also an example of Apple shaped bodies.

2) Banana :
Call it a ruler, rectangular, banana or whatever. Basically the women who have this body type are lean and their shoulder, waist line and hip area measures almost the same. This is also refered to as the boyish body type also. They have a very high metabolism and dont gain weight that easily. As for excercise there is no need to go over board. Just eating a healthy diet would do and focus on muscle building or forming.

Clothing Styles appropriate for Banana shaped body :
Wear clothes that gives an illusion of a more curvy body. For example, wear tops and blouses that has a high neck line or some ruffle detailing and prefer the ones that cut off around your waist line. Avoid tight fitted clothes instead wear semi-fitted clothes but do not wear to much baggy tops. As for the bottoms choose the skirts or pants that are slightly curvier. For example skirts that adds flare to the bottom half it creates an illusion for having more curves down below.

Celebrities with Banana shape body :
Some celebbrities who have this body type are Cameron diaz, Nicole Kidman and hilary duff.

3) HourGlass :
Hourglass body type is considered as the Ideal body shape in women, as it is proportional. The upper and lower half of your body has the same width. Plus you have beautifull and well defined waist line.
This is the perfect feminine body shape. While maintaining it can be a bit difficult, follow some simple steps and you can manage it well. (i) Avoid Carbs, Stress and Alcohol, (ii) Do 2 strenghth sessions and 2 circuit sessions, and (iii) Focus on form.

Clothing Styles appropriate for Hourglass:
As for clothing style anything that defines your waist will do the trick..!

Celebrities with Hourglass Figure :
Some famous celebs who have hourglass figure are Marilyn monoroe, Sophia Lauren Scralett Johansson, Kate winslet and many more.

4) Pear :
This is said to be the most common body type with women. Women with this body type are smaller on the uper half that is shoulders and the bust area while the lower half buttocks, hips, thighs and calves are comparitively larger holding most of the weight or fat. It is the also one of the most difficult body types to maintain. Some important instruction would be to (i) Avoid running and cycling, (ii) Instead for weight loss, Hill sprints, rowing, HIIT and 50 burpees in AM.

Clothing Styles appropriate for Pear shaped body :
Pick outfits that are may be a but fitted on top and NOT clinging on the bottom instead give it a swingy swirl if you want to. Sweatheart necklines are great for you guys infact anything that draws attention on the upper half of your body would do the trick another example would be ruffle detailing. And stick to smaller patterns as bigger pattern would make your body parts look bigger. Choose pants that are slim boot cut, that would balance out your hip area without making it more prominent.

Celebrities with Pear shaped body :

Some famous celebrities with pear shaped bodies are Beyonce knowles, Jennyfer lopez and Shakira.

5) Strawberry :
Women with strawberry body type have Broad shoulders, big bust and narrow hips. Creating a balance between your top and bottom half is the key to dressing a strawberry shaped body.

Clothing Styles appropriate for Strawberry shaped bodies :
 Its better to keep your top dark colored and wear bright colored bottoms to draw attention away from your upper half. White is one color that really balances out your strawberry shaped bodies. And as for the top even a simple U or V neck line will flatter your body type the most.

Celebrities with Strawberry shaped bodies :
Some famous celebrities with strawberry shaped bodies are Demi moore, Lindsay Lohan and Alyssa milano.

 Well, that was my part of research and I do understand that every person dont have to agree with me..!
But none the less I hope it was helpfull for you... = )


  1. "Perfect feminine" for the hourglass? Not really, if pear is the most common body type. Maybe let's learn to be body positive instead of telling women with the most common body type (pear) that they should lose weight.

  2. nobody said they should lose weight..!! Its just for the people who want to maintain their body types.. Its more like an overview of does and don'ts..!


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